All Chained Up – Sophie Jordan


All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan Reviewed by Lisa Knight           Welcome to Devil’s Rock Penitentiary. Where the inmates are lethal and falling in love could be deadly. The eight years Knox Callaghan has been an inmate at “The Rock” have hardened him. Everyday is a battle of survival for Knox and his younger brother against abusive guards and deadly… Read more »

The Line – JD Horn


For the last month or so I’ve been reading JD Horn’s witch series. I sped through “The Line”, the first book in the series. I fell in love with JD Horn’s main character, Mercy, a daughter of an influential Savannah witch family who spends her days giving fake spook tours to tourists. Unlike the rest of her family, Mercy is… Read more »

The Hunger Games

zadie   January 13, 2016   No Comments on The Hunger Games

I really enjoyed The Hunger Games movies. But then I read the books and while I still like the movies, they miss the mark on key points. In the movie , Peeta comes across as weak. When Peeta throws Katniss a piece of bread it didn’t come across as a kindness to me. While watching the movie, I couldn’t understand… Read more »

Succubus Blues – Richelle Mead


I was a ‘little’ disappointed after reading Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I decided to give her another chance. Succubus Blues was that second chance. I’m afraid the same situation exists with Succubus Blues. The story is improbably, disappointing, nonsensical, superficial….. Or, maybe Richelle Mead and I just were meant to be author/reader…. Read more »